Monday, July 30, 2007


It feels good to be doing a course on Poetry or, to use a wider term, the Lyrical. This is what Koshy and I intend to do this time around.

Enduring Understandings

· The poetic and the lyrical are modes of expression and communication needed not only by writers but also by designers and artists
The ability to read, listen to, appreciate and create one’s own poems and lyrics abets this process.

Misconceptions and Assumptions

· The lyric and what is lyrical are the same.

· The poetic and poetry are the same.

· Poetry and its influence has ceased to be of much relevance in today’s world.

· Reading, understanding, enjoying, appreciating and writing poetry is only for the few and not for everyone.


· Are the definitions of lyric, lyrical, poetic, poetry and influence clear to you?

· Are the bridges already there or the ones you can make between these terms and art and design clear to you?

· Which is more powerful the verbal lyric or the lyric aided by audio- visuals etc?

· What are the different types of lyrics?

· Are you aware of the history of the lyric’s growth and evolution?

· Where do you think the lyrical mode will go/take you from now and here?

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