Thursday, November 15, 2007

the poetry makes nothing happen exhibition

ok, dear friends artists poets lyrcists designers or whatever else you'd like to term yourself, we're starting to roll on monday coming week 19th morning 8.15
the srishti library main shelf is our showcase
i only have eight books to put on show - as of now
the librarians have agreed to give us the comp for our use too
we can put the books on the shelf and ashwin's video on the comp, plus the books too in etext format if you have it...
to begin with i need from each of you is a poster to be kept in front of the library with your photo , a brief write up about you - two or three lines, only facts, no crap please, it's a public space, though fine humour can be allowed i guess, and one of your poems on the poster , preferably one written after the course - like pratap's cube cube, aashim's prayers and aditi's later ones, roshan's lace etc...
each day i want to try and keep each book open on a new poem
the books will be a accompanied by a feedback book so that readers can put in their comments
so please gather by eight in front of srishti library monday 19th to do the needful
once we kick it off we will get new ideas and can better the exhibition which should run at least for two weeks
remember the plan includes soon making a book of twenty poems at least - 2 from each of you minimum - designed by all of us together and perhaps getting the newspapers to write on this exhibition... if any one shows interest...
please acknowledge receipt of this mail - the main ten participants especially
vaibhav and ashwin put your poems into exhibit mode
samia, shyamli, sorry i couldn't get in touch with you yet but here is the gist of everything...
take care, all of you

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