Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Roshan's latest poem that he showed to me.

I was touched by beauty today.

A soft fleeting touch of merciful beauty,

That brushed my hair, with soft fingers,

And drew within me, figures of naked beauty,

Drawing within me, exquisite ideas of conspiring get togethers,

Where there was only me and it, writhed in such ultimate pleasure,

That the moon paled in comparison and sun blushed,

Until under the stars (yet there were none, for we saw nothing),

Gentle breeze blew and far away a hurricane brewed.

It too conspired against others- but impersonally and unknowingly.

And yet we did not see time beyond the seconds that we breathed together,

Seconds that grew from our mingling bodies.

We created time, destroyed others through our thoughts,

Eliminating time that would too conspire against us,

If we had let it- but time too was powerless.

Without action there is no time.

And there was no action in me- just beauty that flowed through space,

Substituting time.

Without effect the action means nothing,

And there were no effects- just timeless beauty.

In that moment that lasted forever,

We created and destroyed the universe.

Breathing something that was not air,

Surviving without oxygen.

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