Sunday, March 2, 2008

Prerna too still writes poetry - here's her latest - yay!

Dressed as a fairy

He stood on the pedestal

Composing another of his fairy-tales,

Ate alphabets from the air

Making words disappear

Melting the minds

Cementing the layers

With tunes of human despair.

Each soul sang the song, frozen in his throat,

This was my song.

The milk from his udders flowed through me

Trickling down, vertically

from my eyes to my knees.

Mimicking mirror, showed me a coward,

bedazzled in his prism of cries.

he asked me for some direction, saying he lacks conviction.

Haunted by Certainty, his beloved mistress.

He wondered why he always found Curiosity, her sister,

In his bed.

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