Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keshava Guha - on Narendra Modi

The Greatest Gujarati

I was born as a refugee from Karachi

Rolled through Delhi with his army,

Indoctrinated and impassioned, en route

To rescue Ram, to raise his spirit.

Call me Advani's accident, then- my

Mother reached the hospital by slipping

Through the cracks of the Sindhi god,

The man meant to save us all from secularism

And its related ailments, who failed. Our

Sins, and values, and constitution lived on

Surviving even the hand of Ram, and his kar

Sevaks, monkey soldiers reincarnated.

But it is Gujaratis, not Sindhis, after all, who

Make Indian history. And in our haste we

All forgot that Ram is dead, and dead forever.

That our hero was younger, bearded perhaps,

Charioted, a he-man, not a sadhu. There is

Only one saviour left, and it is him. His

Coming was prophesized, after all, for who

Has not heard of Kalki?

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