Friday, November 28, 2008


thinking about my homeland that i still love, india , mumbai

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Every revelation is a revolution
no time to lose , no time to be personal[ edit delete ]posted 11/27/08
when significant things happen one has to set aside one's owm pettiness
history has escalated into moments that change things
the world was changed by 9/11
india has been changed by gandhi's death, the babri masjid demolition and now this mumbai attack
india is either going to be destabilised and broken up or it will go the hidutva way now unless we can raise enough voices to counter the change - sane voices that speak sense and hope for the future
i am proud to be an indian though i am no longer in india
i grieve for today's dead and for the injured and their loved ones
they are my brothers and sisters
i am proud to assert again that there are many in india in all its religions who are not fanatic or fundamentalist or violent and with these i take my stand
with the many here who honourjesus, buddha, gandhi, martin luther king jr and the other pacifists who made a difference to the world
i do not see any other way forward
violence is no answer except for self defence
justice is the answer, not death sentences
we will fight
we won't give up our hopes and love for our land,
every inch of which we treasure
may a new dawn break over the india i dreamed of as the india of the future
may tagore's poem still come true
long live india
victory to india

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