Monday, April 7, 2008

roshan - well, what can i say , almost no word wasted...

I am new to this world.

And yet sometimes I drown myself in music.

Gather the sheets closer to me, bunch them up in front of my heart,

Lest a stray shot pierce it.

A drunk stranger once told me that there are places where,

Hiding is not escaping.

Beneath the orange autumn I tried opening my eyes.

but I did not see- the immeasurable beauty of freshly sprung yellow,

Nor did I see the smiling eyes of a proud mother.

I will never see the fine dust from a crumbling leaf.

Yet there I stand, I can see the fire approaching, beyond the orange glow.

Beyond the fierce orange of an angry sunset,

I can see the pain- twisting.

What is this life?

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