Friday, April 18, 2008

samia - can you retell a story?

Can you retell a story

like it's never been told?

For you seem easily bored.

Memory only is beautiful

for the good is what is chosen to be retold.

Time is precious

for it stitches together

you and me.

The lover and the loved-

our assigned lives,

how did it come to be?


Like a song

you cannot get rid of

for you are enamoured

by each note, word and pause

and that itself

begets its death;

no warning

no apparent reason-

until it's that season again.

Love was never meant to grow cold



Haven’t we walked down

this way before?

We have reached

that point again,

my love

my friend-

save this water

from flowing away,

my cupped hands

and I re-tread that way.

I look

a reflection

looks back at me


it is still me.

I do not want to become

disheartened or cold

I do not wish

this dullness to remain

unfeeling, numb


Is this the best

we will ever be?

Loneliness is worse

when somebody is there.

Silence is louder

when you are here.

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