Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aditi again

Childhood and Innocence

Say Cheese

Looking for the green smell in crisp gold

The heart seeks solace in reminiscence

Nostalgia becomes that sweet pain

That balms the scars of today

Gone are the days

Of mellow smiles

That shone in eyes

That did not carry the burden

Of being grown up.


Do you realize how old you are?

Act your age.

Act mature.

Act responsible.

Act sensible. Behave

How can you laugh so uncontrollably?

That too at something so stupid !

Keep a stern face.

Be Serious.

Stop doing this,

Stop doing that.

It does not suit you

Stop grinning this way.

Stop being so silly.

Stop making mischief.

Stop getting cheap thrills out of small things.

Stop playing pranks.

Stop laughing.

Stop smiling this way.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

This is what kids do,

Not adults.

At this age?

You got to be kidding me.

That's more like it.

Calm and composed.

Not an emotional sentimental Fool .

That's how we grown-ups should be.

An example.

Now where were we?

O yeah...

Such a pretty picture

You were a really cute child

And O my !

What a smile?


Just too precious for words.

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