Sunday, August 10, 2008

Arka Mukhopadhyay - Morning/ A Single Poem of Linked Haikus.

Sudden shock of crows
Tearing apart the fabric
Of a slate-gray sky.

Early morning flight
Brings in weary travellers
From a distant land.

The paperman throws
Stories of yesterday's world
Within my four walls.

Sounds of distant death
Shatter the silence within
My half-waking mind.

In some dark corner
I hear the lizard ruling
Its empire of death.


the still dancer said...

thanks for putting it up, koshy. one clarification - it's not separate linked haikus, but a single poem called 'morning' written in linked haikus.

a.v.koshy said...

i would change "within" to "into."

elf_asura said...

haikus? then they need a hell of a lot more working on.

the still dancer said...

ah, i was wondering where the critic was :D
why? as in any specific reason they need working on?