Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shyamli Panda - that delectable mocking tone!

To these honest proceedings.

You stand hollowed,

Hallowed more

by your own misconceptions

and discontentment.

I wish you would see

reality as i do

as real, is never

the same for us two.

I'm preoccupied as ever

with my need to sneer, at

every brainwashed, unfeeling


This mighty parade.

They surround me with

their shuffling narrow gazes.

Their uncaring disregard for

their own path.


They stumble on their own toes...

You stand so well amongst the

Circus bearings,

so loved, adored and adorned

with your false sense of pride.

of self consolation only bring,

More scorn from me and further

Acceptance from them.

You rise so high,

Head filled with the likes

of helium and vacuum.

I meander, distracted as usual.

So you see, you will do good.

"I will only weigh you down."

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