Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This blog's on fire and doesn't stop rolling - Krittika Sharma this time around

Skin Leopard Guns Filth

The leopard never understood why guns were harmful. That was probably because he was dead and on someone else’s skin before the sting hit him. I told him it was frightening- the sound, the metal, and the filthy relationships it created between everyone in the world. But the leopard was fascinated by it. Guns are beautiful he said. I would press it to my soul.

I can’t think of a single designer who has not gone through the leopard skin phase. Some replicate it, but some actually buy it from the dirty poachers who carry their guns into quiet forest and kill the poor animals. Like my leopard here, other leopards are curious about the gun- like a diamond to a lady. The spark and the charm lures them, not realizing that their guts mix with the mud and make the earth filthy. The stench of the leopard’s shocked breath, the rotting smell of the last drops of urine and the fresh smell of defeated blood. It's all for the skin, after all.

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