Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dear, dear friends, lycralyricists of all hues, sizes, ages, and colours and shapes.....et al

I will be reading a poem or two along with Arka at the Maya Contemporary Art Gallery on Nandi Durga road or thereabouts on this Sunday, Sept 7th. I hope you all come along and read your poems too. It will be good to get together once again. If you're coming please reach there by 6.45 because Arka seems to have put in some stuff about registration and such- like things which is needed for things to go in an orderly manner I'm sure.... come along for old time's sake and also as a kind of last/middle/first appearance of all of us together....!!!!! Can't really say not knowing the future.
I promise to read out my poem in a way that will hopefully (not) rock the house.
Arka will correct me I suppose/guess if any of the details here are wrong....

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the still dancer said...

Hey Koshy,
Thanks for the notice. The details are all correct, but let me just put them up here once again:

What's happening? WHA -t(?)e- VER(?) - an open eveningof devised theatre, performance poetry, contemporary movement, photo/ video projections, open mic, and open space for people to showcase their work in photo/ video/ sound/ performance art, etc.

When: Sunday, September 7th, 7 PM onwards.

Where: Maya Gallery of Contemporary Art, 59, Nandidurga Road (behind Elements restaurant and the Airtel office)

The featured performances finalized so far:

Devised theatre by Logos Theatre
Improv by Logos Theatre
Poetry performance by Koshy, theStillDancer (that's me!)
Poetry performance with video projections by Archana Prasad (VJ Arc)
Photo projections by Honey Bajaj (who's also from Srishti!)
Contemporary movement performance by Sowmya Jaganmurthy

There is an open mic (there may or may not be a physical mic!), registrations for which begin from six, so all of you can congregate around six and register. Each performer gets four minutes to perform their poetry in any way they choose to.

There will also be an open space for people to showcase their photo/video art, peformance art, sound art, etc.

If you are a musician, you are most welcome again. Please come and sing/ shout/ make noise.

We are ideally hoping for strange things to happen, such as spontaneous 'collaborations' taking place - poetry and music, movement and poetry, music and photography - the more the merrier and the weirder the better.