Thursday, September 25, 2008

More news for and of the lycralyricists.

Roshan is somewhere in some forest figuring out whether to write or not and the validity of poetry.
Samia, Aashim and Pratap are all fed up with design but not with art and literature.
Aashim's working on his mother's poems , hoping to illustrate them and has publishers lined up.
We still want to bring out a lycralyricist collection of poems,
Culling out the best from this blog,
Vaibhav has written a book that may get published by UNICEF.
Ashwin is busy doing his dip film with Vinay Ghodgeri. Promises to be good.
I'm leaving Bangalore on October 2nd - Gandhi Jayanthi - and India on October 3rd.
I will be in King Abdul Aziz University, English Language Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and hopefully they allow use of mail and gtalk.
All this has some kind of cosmic significance no doubt.
"we are stardust/we are glowing"

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