Monday, September 29, 2008


Shyamli made one of the best pixtella's in her class.
Farewell to Aditi, Shyamli, Prerna and Roanna too.
Last I heard Roanna was doing a kind of film on the MAIS Principal with Philly.
Aditi was doing the creative writing course. Along with Shyamli, Aashim etc.
Prerna is still writing.
Pol Science is much in many people's thoughts these days. Radha Mahendru, for instance.
Tejus wrote something on Taare zameen par, which I thought a worthy attempt..
The show must go on as does the bandwagon.
I'm reading Lila by Robert M Pirsig, a book given to me by Pratap, and doing research on Bob Dylan, writing to friends and writing, in that order.
Arka is busy traveling and performing.
Avy has superb stuff written and put up on his blog.
Am I like a rat deserting a sinking ship?

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