Tuesday, September 25, 2007

aashim's latest/last

Emotions wasted

patience tested.

I fall from my


Privacy explodes.

leaving its debris

strewn across my

mind's plea.

I crouch and evade

the quips

and attempt to salvage

these ruins of a charade.

I dream

I still dream.

But even dreams

Cry with nightmares.

These fiendish nightmares

a poisoning stain .

I ponder with fate,

remembrance detained.

My hand quivers

with enlightenment.

Dawn surprises me

the moon a sliver.

Stars light unlit eyes

to see

before them

clouds in guise.

The eyes circle in fast

spiralling fast


on conclusions last?

I breathe

I breathe in the sweetness

of moonshine


and yet I feel

obliged to decline.

a moment more in this charade

and I shall lose

the intent

of my serenade.

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