Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hello everyone - how the course is graded

Here is my criteria for grading the course.
Eight poems plus one intro - out of 45 marks (5x9)
Attendance - 10 marks
Book - 45 marks - lyrcism, poetry, design, art and timeliness plus effort
will be the denominators here. (5x9)
All submissions have to be in by sharp Saturday nine o'clock.
submission before that too are extremely welcome.
This is one thing I insist on.
Another is - no poems from before the course.
To repeat ad nauseam - the book must have at least four illustrations including the one on the cover, a decent layout including a cover page, a title page (inner), page numbers. a contents page, an intro and at least eight poems.
Thanks for all the active participation and inputs so far.
All the best.
Agenda for last class:
Feedback on course as to what worked, what didn't, what could have been done better and checking to see if learning outcomes match learning goals.
Lunch together. We all go Dutch.
See you all on Saturday.
Intro's yet to come in for checking - Prerna's, Ashwin's, Vaibhav's and Roanna's.
Ashwin's video and three poems are still pending.

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