Saturday, September 8, 2007

shyamli - latest poem

So yes, it has happened.

And I agree, my love,

that it is sad.

And Grevious.

But sounding this tolling bell

wouldn’t undo the already undone,

the threads that bind you to your fate.

Lovely thoughts swim and dive,

so sympathy comes hesitant yet.

So yes, it has happened…

And your frivolous, shingled dreams

lie Dead.

A cut lemon lies unheeded too

on your clean, sterile kitchen floor,

and I stare unblinkingly

as I listen to you weep,

hiding behind the bathroom door,

(The shower barely hides the racking sobs.)

Flinching at the unpleasant, echoing sounds

I pace and refrain from leaving,

running down the stairs,


So yes, it has happened.

But no moans would do

your solitude any good.

I lapse into a mad dance,

bounding wildly to keep up

with the rising, soaring beat,

and I realize it was hardly apt,

while you lay there sullen,

and in your worries wrapped.

But this uncanny dam of joy bursts forth,

escapes all seams.

Drowning me… wrapped in lilacs and lace.

And I rock back and forth,

Touched... I am.

By my insane love for your tears.

In your hurt and heartbreak,

I need to thrive.

So yes, it has happened,

and I agree,

it is sad.

But your salted streams

remind me only of this.

He loved me more.

He loved me more,

And your deluded, shingled dreams,

lie dead.

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