Thursday, September 6, 2007

vaibhav is in the building .... this one's called certainly mixed up

Far away from certainty,

Creating a wave,

Ripples scatter me ashore,

I blink to break free,

Gathering myself I stand,

Cleansing thoughts off my mind.

Turning to breathe,

I look to the other side.


Ahead lies reality,

Squinting I see,

Even now,

The world is bleeding,

Feeling just fine

We think

It turns to the other side.

Searching to move,

We’ve crossed all our lines.

Humans we were,

Always free enough to choose,

Never free enough to find,


Wake up,

I wish some strings would break,

We’re running out of time.

Cursed to feel alone,

We stand

Crawling ahead in swarms,

Trying to overcome our time,

People in the streets,

Reeling, steering,

Away from their lives

Beautiful days,

Ruined by their cries,

Cruising through the sky,

I stand,

Shielding my eyes from

These parasitic lies.

Drive me out,

Out to the open space,


Turn the ignition off,

I am overcome.

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