Tuesday, September 4, 2007

roshan - a perfect poem except for the lack of a title

The lights in the wide open dark,

Glided past, in the other direction,

Fading a little beyond,

And the wind formed little dancing droplets of water

On the glass, on the window, where they collided,

Combined and flowed away down, below the window sill.

Each stream, reflecting the lights, breaking the light,

Into tiny fragments of memories.

Where was the world when we played in the sand?

Making and un-making a world, and pouring our hearts,

Into its crystalline shape.

Beyond the sunset we played a little,

Sharing our tears in little cups, we spread them across the sun.

And when it got too hot, we sprinkled some on the sun.

And before the evening was blown away, we spoke.

But our words were lost, flowing away into the evening,

Swimming through crowds,

Over the traces of many thoughts.

And in the falling light we met,

Looking through our veils, through the many gaps,

In our veils.

Nature reflecting itself in our lives, weaving itself

Around us.

Two little figures against its orange glory.

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