Saturday, September 22, 2007

Roshan's Introduction

The world has seen many billions go by, but we remember only a few.

We do not remember those who sat by their fire-places content with its warmth, when the promise of a cold, new blizzard raged outside their frosted windows.

We do not lament the passing of cowards and the weak, who did as their masters bid them to, until they had only their masters to bid them...

No, we do not remember those that did not speak and think and feel and create.

I have tried, I can say, to conquer cowardice and weakness.

Into these lines I have poured my tears, my laughter and my thoughts, freely, openly, and sometimes even a little rashly.

The world has taught me the verses, moved my fingers and my heart, until I put them down in words.

I have seen the fake and the smiling, the cruel and the taught.

Nature has shown me its little beauties, and touched me with its tiny designs.

But most of all, love has shown me true beauty - true beauty in everything.

What better way to express true beauty than poetry?

There is none.

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dayglocrazie said...

love might have beauty
but it is not True.
it is only true.

Love has beauty.
and its True.

if love has shown you true beauty
then you have seen nothing;
as i have neither.
we are on the same boat,
bobbing up and down unsteadily,
peering over the stern
into the murky water below,
catching glimpses of
the White sun's reflection above
and mistaking it to be
what we seem to be looking for.

but what we are both looking for
can never be found.
and in its search
we are running backwards,
in the world of the Looking Glass.

to find what we are searching for
you/i/we must