Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Roanna's latest - not running out of steam but gaining strength

It was back
banging against the lampshade
again and again

While these forms shifted and melted into one another
in this twilight hour
you seek the dark,
the cover.

You call your cry
moving, mingling
losing yourself
feeling safe there.

The night throbs
smelling so strong it drowns you

Moving mouths

But I can’t hear
I am seeing
this mad play of bodies
of chemicals

Makes me swoon

This elaborate play enacted

This huge never ending stage

So useful

All the necessary doings
to conceal the animal
feeling the heat
inside restless moods
leading you to unchartered territory
where the red tape seals it off


Excuse me?
May I help you?

The person:
a pretty young dark-haired creature,
opens her mouth and smiles sideways

Sign of attraction…
I’ll move my mouth too.

1 comment:

Amrita said...

woah lyricist!!!!!!...u rock...that was one sexy piece of writing...way to go henz!!!