Saturday, September 15, 2007

Marching orders

Here are the requirements for the final project.
The book can be MSWord, pdf or handwritten or a printed copy.
It must have a cover page, a title, a contents page, a page giving the copyright to srishti school of art,design and technology and yourself, an intro to what poetry is and about your poems, and must include eight poems plus images/illustrations/ pictures that are apt, ideally, if possible, your own work and not borrowed.
This week's assignment is sending in the intro. This must be done as soon as possible.
Roshan, Samia, Shyamli, Vaibhav (presumably?), Pratap and Aditi all have eight poems and/or more. Maybe Aashim has too.
I need confirmation from the others that they have it - in case they don't please send me the rest, that's mainly Aashim (?), Prerna , (3 poems), Roanna (?), Ashwin (3 poems).
Please go to the library and look at a collection of poems by someone so you can jot down all the details about cover page, title, inner cover page, contents page, copyright details page, page numbers , binding etc.
The book has to be ready by next Saturday.
Sending in your intros fast will help -as will the poems in the case of those who don't have eight poems.
All the poems should have been created in the duration of this course - this is an important condition.
All the best.
Please reply to this post clarifying matters with me regarding your progress etc....:)
Make the introduction brief , although I am not setting a word count.
If we need to hold an exhibition we need hard copies. If we need to compile the best poems into a book we need soft copies. So I think submission should be of just one but each person should have two copies.

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