Sunday, September 2, 2007

Grades for last time and work for this week

Roshan - A
Shyamli - A
Pratap - A
Vaibhav - A
Aditi - A-
Samia - A-
Prerna - B+
Aashim - B+
Ashwin - B+
Roanna - U

So Ashwin owes me two poems.
Roanna too.
All the others except Aditi and Roshan owe me one for this week.

Roshan, Samia, Shyamli, Aditi and Vaibhav have to start working on their books.
Since the others don't seem to have enough poems for a book generated from this course - the minimum needed would be ten. The book could be a hand-done artefact with illustrations that are relevant to the poems under consideration or an etext , again with illustrations or a printed one. Illustration ,design etc. must make sense.
The book must have a title, introduction, contents page, and if need be an afterword. Minimum content required , I repeat, is ten poems. So those who don't have ten either have to write them and they have to be of enough length or need to submit their final drafts of poems written by the eighth class along with an audio-visual presentation of one of the poems.
Choices self- made:
Pratap - Second poem
Prerna - Poem on "thorn in crotch"
Roanna - Kaleidoscope
Aashim - The poem that uses the word "stellar"
Ashwin - The first poem
Samia, Aditi, Roshan - if over and above book submission you want to do something take a poem you like and do do it. The same goes for Vaibhav and Shyamli too.
The book has to be finished and submitted by ninth class. It will be judged on criteria of whether learning during course has been well applied or not.

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