Monday, September 24, 2007

Last class - some reflections

Watched Sergei Paradjanov's Colour of pomegrantes
Read Archibald Mcleish's Ars Poetica
and Marianne Moore's "Poetry I too dislike it"
Read excerpts from one of Rimbaud's letters - all with aim of getting inspiration for intro for the book.
Then Koshy read out one of his works in progress.
Shyamli's intro was also read out from the blog.
There was group discussion and individual review in the afternoon of titles of collections, contents page, copyright page, cover page, inner title page, order in which poems can be put , illustrations etc...
Aditi and Prerna are going for manuscript books.
The rest for print. Shyamli's is partly hand done and mainly print.
except for Ashwin who wants to do eight poems plus an intro as an MSWord doc and a video of one of his poems that's audio-visual.
The minimum number of poems has been fixed at eight but maximum number left to each individual - the only condition being that it should all be work produced in the course.
Pratap, Shyamli, Aditi, Roshan, samia have all written their intros and sent them in and they're up on the blog for all to review.
Submission is at nine thirty sharp on last Saturday, that is next week.
The group hopes to have an exhibition and a compilation of best poems from the material produced during the course later.
For enquiries, help and monitoring of progress this coming week please keep contacting Koshy by email.

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