Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aditi's intro - again solid


it's a Saturday
i wet my lips
with a few sips
of sweet wine

a vineyard i visit

but only with
the fragrance;
now i taste
different drops
from different goblets
the best of its kind

a hand guides me
to the succulent fruit
the best
the perfect
the chosen ones

the feet taught me
how to blend it
the perfect fruit
the perfect way
to make
the perfect wine

yet to be a connoisseur;
but i now learn to appreciate

flows wine
from my hands too now even
sometimes sour...

on a quest to learn i trod on a path of self-discovery; poetry was the dam that made the emotions flow.. subtly, sublimely, channelized it...


like a soft, summer shower
it came as a surprise
i soaked it in till drenched
till i myself
became a drop
i soaked, i drenched...

they say the shower
has now come to an end
but has it really?
i don't notice

my skin is still damp.

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