Sunday, September 16, 2007

Roshan's latest - called Nothing

Alas! The faults of fallacy.

Long have we waited on the road,

Between the silent lightning and the quiet thunder,

Looking beyond, into the shadows and the lights.

Looking beyond what was concrete.

The road was not a road until you saw the lights,

Shimmering in the foggy distance,

Quivering and threatening to begin.

and alas! the steam rose steadily, and the orange lights looked on.

Don’t blame the rain for it was not right for it to begin.

Look at them, lousy folks, dripping in nothing.

Look at them sitting around the fire, waiting for a story to begin.

Look at their lousy mouths contorted in contorted smiles,

Their eyes following slowly what would make them,

And them only happy, the next lousy morning.

Oh what would I give for them to be struck,

With hot lightning vibrating in the night sky.

What would I give for them to be twisted into themselves,

And see what there is or isn’t in their multiple souls.

And what would I begin to say to have them cry.

There was light without night,

Light without the presence of night,

And we did not feel the light.

There are few words to describe them,

The lousy men who would give nothing and everything,

To kill all the love and kindness in the world.

And yet they feel love like me, and indulge in it,

Until their very souls are two, parted like complete fools.

They stare at nothing and we stare at them,

Two, different but staring at the same things.


No, don’t blame the rain.

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