Monday, September 24, 2007

Roshan's poem - last in the poetry collection

See the Beginning

Towards the earth, towards time,

over the hills and under the line,

and over the times where we were sad

and brought together another's times

Reach out father and give out your arms,

give out your brother to the other's demise.

See not what we thought or did,

but distinguish from the other what we did or bid.

Before the farm, over the sand,

The birds from the forest begin to smile.

They did but see the sea of smiles,

And rode together the wind and the tide.

Rather than reach out, they bore among them

The other world's freedom and our demise.

Sadder than salt in your tears, and bolder than the soldier's gun,

The other sat before his ephemeral fire,

And brought together the sand and the stars.

Breathe together and keep our souls,

Smile together and breathe our souls into your heart.

Over the hills, talk rode clear,

And from beneath rose another's trumpeter,

Fallen from a musical pillar,

Racking into the other's tune,

And hanging on to but a few notes,

Their little arms and little fleas broke free.

Forever free, not broken- but free.

Do not but see, my dear's love,

Begin to begin and you might hurt another.

Begin to end, and you satisfy many.

Begin to see, and you might see the beginning.

And then you will end.

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