Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Roanna - 4 to make up for all the long waiting :)

The need

To be not like the others

You are a picture in amber scented reality

Cloaked in green I see the letters poring

Tons of them,

Those I never even saw

Those that do not even exist

I feel this humanness grabbing me

Time watches

Calling out every now and then

I am going

As I live this dream

And I thrive on it

The lie

Forgive my human instinct

Or rather this want, to be human

To give up a certain touch,

A feel

Closing in

I am, alone amidst this crowd,

Close your eyes

Savour the last bit of the cake

Not soap

Smell , taste , feel it,

It, makes you live.


I rant, rave, look at myself,


At these words


I see in the distance

Standing amidst it

In the heat, sweltering, throbbing; heat


You reach with a crescendo


Slide down the silver spoon: life.


Like the moth on the ceiling

Looking down at me

No thought

The want to be it


Telling you this reality

Your dreams

opening your eyes

to the truth you don’t dare see

the hypocrisy

you ignore

it’s a laugh

this predicament

“forgive and forget” they say

But one doesn’t dare

To shatter the mirror

Of this dream

You can’t take away this wild love from the dreams you



I laugh at this predicament

At the irony

The hope

It’s there one moment

Gone the next

They want it one moment

They don’t the next

Scared the very next.

1 comment:

dayglocrazie said...

what you believe
to be truth-
elusive and uncertain that it is

is a part of your dream.

your dream feeds you
what it wants you
to believe,
what you want to believe.

your dream is you:

and you keep yourself
from opening your eyes
to what you consider
the truth.

You can’t take away
this wild love
from the dreams you paint


this wild love/
the dreams/
the painting/

are all part
of your dream;

are all a part
of you.