Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aditi - 3 ( Mother )


The mellow warmth
Slowly breezes
Over her oval face

Even chaos
Is forced to cease
When it sees her resting

The fatigue falls
takes a break
and exhaustion too
falls asleep

She’s up before daybreak
when you are still conversing
with your dreams

She softly calls
asking you to see
out of the clouds
the sun peeking

The sweet fragrance
of her wet hair
mixing with incense smoke
tickles your nose

The soft creases
around her eyes;
each says a story

A testimony to her life

Beads of perseverance
crown her head
celebrating her effort

The sinews
of her mind and body
strain and exert

with the rising glory
in the sky
surrounds her

That one rare occasion
you get to see her
in her afternoon siesta
just the way she finds you
each morning

it seems as if
everyone conspires -
sound reduces
to a mere whisper -

Every disturbance
remains as nothing
but an ephemeral wave
existing only to be ignored

The breezes
quietly hush
everything that’s around

As genesis
weaves a few dreams,
quietly sneaks in
a little sleep.

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