Tuesday, August 28, 2007

vaibhav hits a home run

Each day passes,

the air decays with the sinful breath of man,


In newspapers

we stand

With a blank gaze at this rat's alley


No more tears, men have broken

my faith,

The night torments, I wake up full

of hate.

A bitter taste

In my throat,

Bitter thoughts

From my heart

Into my skull.

We broke these lights,

ran the show,

Scurried like mice,

Pouring into glasses

our fright.

Cling and clatter,

Curse and run.

You walk on through

The door,

Into one,

Out another

Never wondering,

Who’ll bother

With those shreds?

For glasses,

That you never saw,

crunch under your feet.

Gentle the rain falls,

Silent, as teardrops

Tormenting soft, dry


Dragging your guilt,

Frozen to a moment

You walk on,

search out,

a new place

to pitch camp

start anew



purplemonk said...

nice i say
nice i say

with your array
of decay

you conquer most
and in this glass
i raise for you this toast.

Cheeze maite!

shydouchebag said...

silently screaming,
your words swooped down from the floating mist.

blidingly dark,
they've hidden our dreamy, elusive
taunts dry...
teasing with flowing crystals of tears and perfection. -___-

brilliance in this rotting dying breeding home of deluded intellect.