Thursday, August 16, 2007

ashwin's poem for this week

Beginning of the end

I hear, I see, I listen and I watch,

As we oscillate into a fiction-less time warp,

The shape shifting hues in my rear-view;

This minute hand lurches to a full stop.

Never believe in the truth, they say,

It’s the beginning of the end today,

I realize it isn’t too late to realize

Life is but an object that fails to gravitate.


dayglocrazie said...

Who Knows?

They don't,
neither do you,
nor do i.

the truth exists-


mutually exclusive
of our existence-

or maybe not.

its not too late,


maybe there isn't enough time.

who knows?

i don't,
neither do you,
nor do they.

elf_asura said...

that "gravitate" sounds too forced!