Monday, August 27, 2007

Roshan - one more down

The path sliced curtly, through

A paradise of grass and man's waste,

Glimmering in the morning rain, unaware

If awake, of revolution.

The monkeys perched slightly, on a wall of stone,

reflecting their larger glorified selves,

with shining steel and no armour.

Food goes uncooked and hearts are heavy,

Hunger is universal, love is glory.

Between my words of stone and steel,

There lies no wisdom or cure for any.

Feed the dog, feed him well,

For he will be your bride in hell.

Every line ever spoken, is not a potion

For the fleeing of things unsaid.

Trees are breathing, breathing death.

Blaze of fire, beneath the flames,

Beneath the fire, there lies only shame.

And after the bath, men lie naked,

Gazing up at the ceiling of steam.

And after a bath the men lie naked,

Glistening, to the sound of bodies raped.

The young boy watches the world go by,

Seeing its birth in his pale brown eyes,

Stroking the green, dipping his clean hands,

Into an ocean of dirt and lies.

And in a single moment of time,

A single, capsule of mirth and rhyme,

He throws the ball into the air,

Extends his arms, and cups them there,

But the hollow globe of our life,

Doesn't fall back, doesn't return.

Everyday we look up, smiling,

(why do we smile all the time?)

Another day, fleeing our lives,

Stepping into the shadow of what we want.

Feeling around blindly,

Finding our way around the barren world.

I find nothing, my hands pass empty,

(Is there something?)

My hands are sore.

Tell me, does the sun bring

Something new, everyday?

It would please me if you say yes.

Come my lover, come my liege,

Come be near my artificial crust.

Don your clothes, wear them right,

For you will be judged on but one light.

The flakes of snow are heavy and frozen

But on your skin, they feel the cold.

You don the throne of ice,

Look around and spread your vice.

Would it hurt you if spoke no lies?

"Feel your lies in my demise-


You lift your finger in your kingdom,

Those that bow, require no pardon.

And speak such words that would wreck my heart,

If but it were made of iron not rust.

Come my lover, let us begin.

Come and peer into my heart's basin,

And glance towards the side where there are

No sins and lies but love and art.

And when you must, dip your hand within

And swirl it such that there can be no end.

Let it drain out.

And there, in your land,

You roam freely.

Without need or doubt to be informed.

Am I a hindrance to your elaborate plans?

Do I belong to your immaculate plans?

Your schemes will have me begging and fooled,

And I will live in this artificial world,

Until the day, you reveal them to me,

I will live in constant harmony.

For I cannot, even if I know,

That you belong to another's throes,

Live a day without you.

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