Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Roshan - in full flow as usual

Freedom(or something).

Sometimes you look at others with lust,

but to me you "seem" sober.

Yet I have noticed and perceived all that you are.

Every movement says something, everything.

So I can see your lies.

My thoughts have been perturbed ones

yet you seem happy.

Are we not a single entity?

Or were you speaking falsely all along?

But beneath the softly flowering tree,

Many memories grow, like flowers,

pushing through the present.

Searching for the sun, seeking-

and dying.

Till all but the last one withers away


Curdled flames in a cold fire place.

Though one perceives the glimmer of light

above the canopy, and grows until it breaks through.

I have seen what the sky looks like

With and without clouds.

I do not wish to come back.

If, one day, the canopy breaks open for you,

Don’t expect me to be waiting.


Do you not see me

standing broken, beneath the arch

on a pavement, between the softening light of day

and the inky sky?

Staring ahead, partly filled by the orange

spreading before me

The rest is empty.

After a while you walk past,

barely glancing; your soft glance -

My desperate eyes follow the empty steps

Of what was 'you' a minute ago.

I stand taller and vomit a cough.

The light grows thinner.

I turn around, another figure in a billion.

Two of us would be more.

I would give the sun and all its 'rises'

if you would but trace 'over' my face with your eyes;

suck all the salt from the ocean

if you would brush against me


Meaning is nothing

when you glance at me.


Wherever you are, look up into the moonless night,

For in the night I see not love.

For in the night I see only deceit.

Between the stars there is only blackness.

More blackness than stars in the moonless night.

And whenever you can, look down at the ocean floor.

And feel the breeze on your cheek.

For in the ocean there are fish that speak.

For in the ocean there is no silence.

No silence even on the ocean floor.

Whoever you are, look within yourself,

And try grasping what you are.

For within yourself, there isn’t only you.

For within yourself, there are many others.

For within yourself there are many others, not only you.

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