Wednesday, August 15, 2007

roanna - 2 (don't wake me) - floydian prose meanderings

It’s all out there in the open now…

Don’t be afraid …

Just be natural

They love you, darling

There’s nothing to worry about at all…

They see through you

Aaah…it’s amazing

I get bowled over every time I see the lights on me…

Trust me, you’ll love it

Just know that you are what everyone wants to see

and wants to make love to

That’s why you are who you are because you’re so beautiful and so glamorous

All the glitz and the glam

All the wine and the high

You’ll never forget it

It's you’re youth, dear, that they want

What are you afraid for?

It’s you they want

Give it to them…

Give it all away

Everyone wants a little bit of magic

some kind of drug for the soul

an illusion to believe in

are you there now?

It’s funny, isn’t it

It always is

Thank you for the show ladies and gentlemen

Are you there anymore?

(sigh) all gone

You make me laugh girl

I know you want to believe that nothing's the matter

Can I wrap it up in some pretty paper so that you won’t notice?

Can I tell you a lie so that I can steal your lover?

Can I read your life when you aren’t here?

I’ve always wanted a new page to start from

Don’t you?

I know you do

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