Friday, August 3, 2007


It is really interesting when people begin to write poetry and then circulate it. The interaction between those writing poetry, as they read the poems out to each other, and critique it will lead to better work. Writing poetry is hard work, if one is to come to a decent form and style. This, apart from the experiences and feelings and impressions and influences one encounters which are then distilled into what emerges as a "poem".
So here are the first attempts of the students to write poetry that is lyrical. By the way, these poems have been edited by A.V. Koshy so that the students know how to make them more compact and stylish and how to capture both idea and feeling.



Fall down, misery, down my cheek

Towards earth and stone

Wet the soil.

Heart of sad songs - heavy, sad songs

Life, reduced to the trickle on my cheek.


Smiles flowed freely
From one to the other.
Their looks rarely lingered.
Their minds never bothered.

With an underlying deceit
That allowed no feelings
Their eyes roamed freely,
An amphora of peelings.

Unfamiliar bodies
Rubbed lightly together.
Alcohol washed away
The last bits of bother.


The clock beside me spoke the time
And as if aware of its incalculable chime
I trod the ground beside the door
Rising to see, not rising to go.

Years of pathetic sins degrade
The soul and mind begin to fade
I cannot lie for eternity
There will be an end to pity

Common were our nightly walks
A bird, a tree, an occasional fox
We spoke and laughed and lightly touched
Eyes and voice, divine,


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