Friday, August 3, 2007


Frames of reference

I am transient,

And so are you.

We are just a phase,

That lives in a phase of phases.

Transience is the only constant.

I am constant,

And so are you.

We are just a constant

That lives on constantly.

It all depends on

Your frame of reference.

Your frame of reference

Is transient,

Your frame of reference

Is constant.

It all depends on

(Y)our frames of references.


There is a flower,

Like and unlike any other,

You behold its beauty- a beautiful flower

"In the eyes of the beholder."

You behold

The beautiful flower,

Hold it in appreciation

Over the other.

I write

My poem, elaborate;;

An audience waits,

Ready to appreciate.

You behold

My beautiful lyric;

And the critic

Inside you beholds

The beauty of the lyric.

But what do you behold?

I have only written a poem.

This is only a flower.

Beauty is your construct,

Your sophisticated mind’s fodder.


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