Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Roshan continues his prolific journey into poethood


If I can look into the eyes of my lover
and see an image of myself
then it would seem that I'm loving myself..

Deep, deep into the eyes of my lover
I look but don't see her love.

I see my own song.

My heart touching her hands in perfect harmony.

Of life and love and happiness.


I made my way through the shadows of my heart,

Lost and lonely, into the past,

Where many a days I had fought with the dark

And emerged beaten and scarred.

Through its seldom trodden paths

Of innumerable counts of fear and folly,

Exhausting my hope and strength to survive

I tried to make my heart be free.

In the deepest of its corners,

A voice said, "freedom, it doesn’t belong here"

And yet I swam through an ocean of wrath

To find, yes, to find my fear.

For once a great man of old,

Speaking to no-one, coughed and said,

"Fear is weakness, fear is death

Remove it, you shall feel no cold.’

But fear gnawed at those places

Where lay a thousand dead faces

Deep within my very soul.

How can I battle my very soul?



Come closer. Lay your hand,

On mine, between the hate and jealousy

Of a thousand days of sick solitude.

Come closer. Give me your soul,

Give it to me on a platter of suffering.

Your eyes seem to talk differently,

Your mouth moves with uncertainty,

Maybe with deceit.The corners twitch.

But I can see through the veil

Of acquired happiness.

Your words have a ring, hollow

Bells in a church or a death toll?

Seemingly near, but squint, it disappears,

Your heart deceives us, you and I.

I and you- the words don’t sound together.

What is love?

If I was deaf, dumb and on a wheelchair

Would you still profess love so openly?

You know and so do I

That one day it will come to me too

In a rage of cries and crimson breath.

Hate is real.

One cannot exist without the other.

(all three have been edited)

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