Tuesday, August 14, 2007

roshan strikes again!!

How must I talk to you?

I have forgotten.

Your face is murky and white.

Are you not happy?

Three years have come between us.

And I have not loved you before that.

After that I have felt only what you felt.

Only your tears wet my cheek.

You may say today that you are happy.

If you are not, tomorrow, who will comfort you?

I have not come here to help you wipe your cheeks.

The song goes on, splitting my heart.



And when you came back home that night

There was warmth in your eyes and rhythm in your voice.

I stepped up, your eyes fleeted past me.

Another disturbance in your wave of freedom.

Why must I suffer?

You said that you would be with me forever.

I nodded and touched your face,

Now I am but someone you come home to,

Tell nothing to.

I believed you, when you spoke softly

Under the orange curtain by the sea.

I looked up and saw our lives reflected.

A wisp of cloud meant nothing to me then.

Now it’s something I can talk to.

Why must I suffer?

You have found it, that which we looked for constantly.

Together, we wanted nothing but that.

But you have felt it.

I have not.

I never will.

(the second poem has been edited , the first didn't need editing!)

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