Saturday, August 4, 2007

more on grades

Grades for first assignment – Srishti course elective – The lyrical

1.Shyamli PandaA- – for exhibiting a good understanding of the varied resources at hand that can help one in writing powerful poetry like imagery, sound, line length, syllable count, punctuation, rhyme, vocabulary, echoes etc.

2.Roshan AliB+ For a genuine first attempt at writing poetry with a capital P in the course of which a few memorable lines, rhymes, sounds and images have floated up.

3. Ashwin BhaskaranB For writing a poem that is more like the literary lyric.

4. Roanna Rahman - B

For beginning to exhibit an understanding of the nature of the rhythmic, rhyming lyric – that it is song-like and simple and harmoniously beautiful.

5.Vaibhav RaghunandanB For writing a poem that reminds one of the fact that much of Indian poetry is wittily didactic and argumentative.

6. Aashim RajB-

7.Pratapaditya DebB-

For raising the old issue of whether poetry can be metaphysical and still enchant, bringing in a typically Indian bent of mind of looking at the definition of what is poetic , a poem etc. thereby.

8.Prerna GuptaC+ - For writing a surprisingly compact lyric.

9.Aditi Goenka C+ - For writing a poem that in its dwelling on the self is typically Indian and is noticeable for its title and frequent syntactic inversion of the I.

10.Samia SinghC For writing a beautiful last line which contains an unforgettable image in her attempt to pen a modern love lyric.

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