Wednesday, August 15, 2007

prerna - 1

Fed by the void

A matrix developed in me

Disgracing the life given to me,

I lived on

Feeding sometimes

Being fed on others

Layers of blur

Blinding me from inside

Vicious vivacious vice

Like a dice with a million sides

Five… six….ninety nine

Multiplying my tears every time

I am scared

Pandora just opened her box on me

Glimpses of my fears

Molest me mentally

I too want to run away

Drifting away from myself

I have come a long way

What have I become? Where have I come?

Nothing is visible any more

I look at myself in a fresh new way

Sailing with the insanity

I have reached no man’s land

Survived the fire

Saw the ashes

I am the phoenix who needs to be born again.

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