Tuesday, August 28, 2007

aditi - two more


An idle mind...

A wandering thought...

Reckoning about the lost days...

And a lost friend ...

Reminiscence brings up

The laughter... the smiles...

The silence and the pain

It's strange the way

Those moments have waned

A silent little wish

Still lingers alongside

That those times return

As a remembered friend

Remembers another in turn....


A small little thing

you do, generally

Didn't know it would mean

so much to me

A pattern of yours

became habit for me

Setting a pattern

to your change

now seems

difficult for me


is the fact

that this


shall soon be


but a memory

that I shall cherish

I know we walk

what'll turn out to be

a forked road

I'm afraid

To reach that


for this journey

might be,

our final destination


I'm hesitant

to take the next step

Would it be

Our last together?

Afraid to let go

Afraid to hold on


the familiar walks

I shall gather

those unknown moments

that quietly

slipped through,

turned into

a memory.

Habit now,

will be

a finger

looking for


with the other

caressing one.

Habit now,

shall be

Eyes I search:


and a mellow

long long road.

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