Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Roshan returns

You are far away and I can still feel your incessant cries,
Hear your name repeated many a time - like a prayer.

Why are they wailing?

All I see is your body, and I miss nothing.

You lie there quiet, lonely and beautiful, like always.
Eyes closed- even now you are watching something.
(You always saw something in nothing.)

The leaves around you pay their tribute- brown,
Falling from the tree.
Their shadows playing little games on your face -
Soon they will hide you- but they mean no harm.
You liked to play among them - now they play around you.

Soon, you will disappear- another cycle over.

But I will never heal.

Your words will always play in my heart,
Your whispers will gently coax me into living again;
But your touch -

I will never feel your skin against mine.

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