Wednesday, August 15, 2007

shyamli's fourth poem this course - i admit this might be my interpretation

Do you hear me?

I hardly ever do.

I’m trying to strain and move

To your humming.

I’ve had enough

Of pretence and admiration.

Do you hear me?

I come to apologize

Surrender to your

Wit and charm,

I have yet that seed

You handed to me…


I hold it still and

Feel its vines

Tighten around me.

Do you hear me

As I struggle for breath?

You hardly ever do.

I heard someone tell

The little bird your secrets.

I see you…

Inside out.

Bare, empty.

I still want you to have me.

Do you hear me?

I need you to do so tonight.

I think something inside me

Just shattered

Hear me…

I come for redemption…

Selfish as ever

Needy, grovelling

I come.

Hungry for this burn

I come.

Hear me… hear me.


I know you never forgot

How I left ....

I ran… I was afraid.

.. .when the storm clouds


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