Friday, August 24, 2007

Sinister game

I apologize
my dear

My deepest regret
intended for you.

For I did
warn you.

I dreamt about you last night.
I heard myself scream.
I could alone -
bury them;

I would search
for a befittingly filthy -
cursed heap.

A burial
for them
in fact
would be obscene.

I apologize;

My friend
I did not train you
against them.

They tried to trap me
time and again

But I slipped-

I swung on that swing
that morning,
shuddering with outrage;

in front of all..

Hung them up
on their own crafty ropes,

but that would be a
heartbreakingly painless fall.

Embarrassment caught them,
froze their inhabited eyes;
not a Twitch dared.

They were cornered now.

The taunting grave
beneath which they could not pervade.

A wall of shame
which would never fade.

I assumed
they’d learnt
their lesson.

I thought,
they’d be ashamed enough.

But a sickness
such as this
can never be

A scar to mend.

A memory to burn.

For them it’s gratification -
A sinister game

For us now it’s a plague
we will obliterate.

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