Sunday, August 12, 2007

pratap - a re-edit of the first poem and the second poem that didn't need editing at all


There is a flower,
Like and unlike any other.

You behold its beauty -
A beautiful flower
"In the eyes of the beholder."

You behold
The flower,
Hold it in appreciation
Over another.

I write
My poem, elaborate;
An audience waits,
Ready to appreciate.

You behold
My poem,
And the critic
In you beholds
Its beauty.

But what do you really behold?

I have only written a poem.
There is only a flower.

Beauty is your construct,
Your sophisticated mind’s fodder.


The Beginning

From the warm
comfort of The Light,
I take a deep breath
and dive


A lone submarine
lost in the abyss of the sea,
casting its feeble uncertain light

on uncertainty.

1 comment:

jerry said...

Very impressive, do you write often. It gets better with time, and of course disgust. But truly -- you never wrote in school, or perhaps you did in the accounts register. I like the structuring as I said, I go for the imagery always.